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Feel free to try our personalised training and nutrition service for a one week trial. For seven days limited you will get free access to our articles, fact base, instructions and mealplan with hundreds of recipes!

Free trial

  • One week's free access to the Trainimal Woman app
  • Full body workout
  • Diet diary with over 800 recipes
  • Food registration and calorie calculator
  • Smart features for follow ups and much more

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  1. Download the Trainimal Woman App. Available for iOS and Android devices.
  2. Click "Become a member" below the log in button.
  3. Choose "7 day trial".
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Are your needs Premium or Basic?

Our Basic membership gives you access to workouts and recipes in order to be your own coach. With our Premium membership you will get the best coaching experience possible, with your own coaches, a personal trainer and a nutritionist, following your progress and giving you weekly feedback. Together with our experts in nutrition, fitness and motivation, we can meet your individual needs as an active woman. Our purpose is to create a solution that fits your life.

Download the app!

The Trainimal Woman App is your tool for healthy meal plans and fitness workouts.

  • Connect with your trainer and nutritionist (Premium)
  • Our coach pool answers your questions (Basic)
  • Dive into recipes and meal plans
  • Match your RDI with ingredient calculator
  • Follow workouts and exercises
  • Print individual plans and shopping lists
  • Get deeper understanding from our facts base and articles
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