About us

It all started with three mums at Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden.

The idea of Trainimal Woman was born in 2004. As a newly qualified personal trainer, newly employed at a gym, I quickly realised the great need many new mums had. I was already a mum with three children at that point, and I could relate to what every mum had gone through and that there was a lack of knowledge about exercise for mums. I decided to do something about it and became Sweden’s first trainer for mums.

The digital version of Trainimal Woman was set up soon after my twins were born. Now I had a chance to prove myself, to show in practical terms that what I was teaching other mums worked for me as well. I gave myself a year and got fitter than I had ever been before. I was a lot stronger, had more energy than before and was ready for new challenges. But my twins took up a lot of my time, so I decided to stay at home longer than originally planned.

My clients didn’t like that idea – they were impatient for me to come back and continue to help them exercise. I suggested sending them some exercise plans by email, asking them to report on their progress. It worked, and it snowballed from there. Friends of my clients got in touch, friends of friends … I was drowning in emails, photos and videos. The solution to the chaos was to create a unique website to handle online exercises in an efficient but personal way.

Today we are the leading digital player in diet and exercise for mums and we have helped more than 30,000 women!

MammaFitness has grown to 30 personal trainers and dietitians. Thousands and thousands of happy mums confirm that we are on the right track, and we continue to develop in our ambition to become a natural part of the lives of mums.

Welcome to Trainimal Woman!

Founder Olga Rönnberg